Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey it's Too Much Coffee Man!

Yep, with the permission of Shannon Wheeler I drew the above comic. I've been a fan of TMCM since the 90's and it was a great experience to draw this thing.  I rather like it which is weird for any artist or writer to say about something they have done. Interesting how that works.

Have a good weekend.


Eli Royce said...

This is awesome Chuck. I laughed so hard I peed my bed. No really, look upstairs. P.S. let's turn this into a poster for the foyer. You're supa kewl, yo!

comiccede said...

conratulations man, well done as always!

andcognac said...

Thanks Mr. Wheeler, for letting my brother Chuck draw this strip.. I have many memories back in the day in Florida of Chuck in his room reading your books and showing me his favorite jokes out of them.