Sunday, January 8, 2012

Go here now.

Hello dear readers! After I failed to renew my URL someone jacked it and wanted me to pay a rather large sum of money to get it back. They can just keep it. For what was once can be found below and is once again here to view on the interwebs in all of it's glory. If you want to know what's currently happening in my life please, go and view the Decaffeinated Coffee Tumblr page. Awesome.

Chuck Harrison

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Gift To You Parts 3-5...

So dear readers here are the three remaining pages from Santa Story. They are in their raw state. Very raw state. Reason being that my Wacom pen tablet which I use to draw is not working.  This makes number two in a little less than a year. Crap.

Well, be that as it may the pages are kind of done and once I get the replacement tablet (always remember to register those things online) you will all get to see the finished wonders of a really fun project. Have a wonderful holiday filled with less stress than it undoubtedly will have. 

-Chuck Harrison

Yay that's it! Wasn't that super awesome fun? One last note...Decaf will be back in it's usual rant form once I get the Wacom all up and beautiful again. Thanks!