Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Art Special! Bat-attack!

Here we are with my very first Saturday Art Special!  Number one yay!
Well, the deal with this is that the above image is something that I have drawn for reasons unknown even to me, but I'd like to sell it.

Now before you click away I'd like to tell you how much and what you get.
Yes. So...

The above image is only $5.00! Five bucks! That's so damn cheap! Yes it is!

There, that's one outta the way, so here's what happens if you give me $5:

You will get an email with the original .rif file and a .jpg file of the above image free from that pesky ghost lettering. On the bottom of the image you will see my own name as well as a numbering system.  For you see dear buyer, I'm only selling 50 of each drawing. Once 50 of them are gone, no one will ever get a copy of that drawing again and I will delete the file.

And to prove it I will post a video of me deleting the file for good!

SO, go and click the 'Saturday Art Special' button to your left and get this Bat-tastic drawing! Or you could click HERE.

Thank you.

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