Monday, February 1, 2010

Decaffeinated Coffee's 2nd Annual Caption Contest of Awesome!

And there it is folks, the comic that YOU have to come up with a caption for.
Please leave your quote or quip in the comments section of this comic or you can email me @

The winner will be announced on the 14th when this comic will re-appear complete with caption.  The lucky person will receive the following: ONE (1) Signed Limited to one 11X14 Print of art work by me that appears in the pages of Color Ink Book Vol: 6  AND One (1) Digital print of the comic signed by me.  YAY!

Now some rules:
1. When submitting a caption, I need the following: your NAME and EMAIL.  If it's great and   I can't contact you then you're awesome but you don't win.
2. Enter as many times as you like.
3. Your payment for the winning entry will be in the form of prizes.
4. The winner will be contacted Febuary 13th 2010.  Entry deadline is 02/13/10 @ 8AM.

Good luck and thank you in advance!



Anonymous said...

It looks like he's got himself a big one huh Earl?

Steve Steiner said...

"I knew I should have gone with Indiana Jones to find the ark of the covenant!"

steve steiner

Steve Steiner said...

"And this is why I only have CATS!"

Steve Steiner said...

"They never teach you in archeology school how to whap a dog in the head with a shovel."

Steve Steiner said...

"I've won many a staring contest, Dog."

Steve Steiner said...

"This reminds me of my days as a mail man."

Heil Kartmann said...

"Now, we're willing to offer you a lifetime supply of Pedegree.."

Easy Street Discount said...

and I have to hide mine every day!!!!