Monday, January 4, 2010

NewBot on Zuda Comics Now!


Yes it is true wonderful readers!  All this month I have a rather strange comic up on DC's  Now I know some of you may be a little upset with me for taking some time off from Decaf but I have a small favor to ask you.

Click the above link and follow these four steps, it literally only takes two minutes.  I timed myself!

1. Click the Sign up! button in the upper right hand corner

2. Enter your email address and make up a user name.

3.Go to the NewBot comic on the VOTE page.

4. VOTE for Newbot, give it 5 stars and add it to your favorites!

Really simple right?  Well, kind of a hassle but still really simple!  And hey, if NewBot wins I will be able to go to alot of cons and you can get loads of free sketches.  Well, if NewBot wins I don't have to worry about rent for a year and I will be able to tell people I work for DC Comics.  So yes, please go and do this.  I'm not beyond begging.

In any case, thank you guys for supporting Decaf for all of these months and I thank you in advance for supporting NewBot!


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