Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year ya punk.

And with that I go on vacation for the next few weeks.
I have other comic projects that need my attention and a bunch of
other excuses.  Most notably I would like to spend more time with
my wife and children.  A little break every now and then is good.
Becides that, I'm just about drained when it comes to Decaf ideas
and need to 'recharge' as it were. 

But do not fear dear readers, I will be letting other fine and talanted artists
take a crack at Decaffeinated Coffee with some beautiful guest strips.  They will
be posted as I get them in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you all, I'll see you in Febuary! 
In the mean time I suggest that you check out
the NewBot Blog.  It's something you're going to hear
quite a bit about.

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