Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm so depressed.

This was one of the first all computer comics I ever made. I used photo shop and quickly switched to the more natural feel of Corel Painter. But you know that's because I'm emo right?
Yeah, and the above really shows just how emo I can be.

Really, I drew this because I live in the Rochester NY area where the skies are so cloudy all day. Where seldom is heard an encouragin word...and...yea...you get it.

If you're emo like me or not please give me moneys for my new wacom. Article is below and way to donate to your left. A big thank you to PILE GIRL and SHANNON CRONIN! They've both given to the cause! They will both get original artwork worth more than they had to donate! WOO-HOO!-chuckHarrison

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