Monday, October 5, 2009

I need your help!

Recently as most of you can see below my Wacom pen tablet went the way
of most electronic devices, into the recycle chambers of the world. I tried to get it
fixed under the 2 year warranty but as my luck would have it receipts were lost and I was stupid enough not to have registered the tablet. So, Wacom won't fix it and no electronic store in my area will touch the thing.
So, I'm simply going to beg for your money. Yes. If I've ever made you laugh please click on the donation button to your left and give me some money so that I may purchase a new Wacom pen tablet. This new pen tablet will allow me to make the comics that make you laugh! Yay right?!
I am trying to achieve $350.00 for the fine item pictured below. I'll be throwing in as much money as I can myself, but with debt and kids and all it's really hard. And if you contribute anything more than $10 I will draw anything you like and mail it right to wherever you'd like it mailed! Please help me out guys as you can see I'm desperate! okay. hopefully that worked.
Thank you all so damn much in advance!-chuckHarrison

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jcannatella said...

If you still need money in 2 weeks (pay day) I'll donate.. I tried to see if I have money in Paypal, and I only have $.24 haha, and all my cards are maxed until I pay them on payday.