Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buy a Zombie...shirt.

Hello sweet dear readers, Happy late halloween! I drew the above and the fine people of Krudco skateboards have put it on one of their fine t-shirts. Yes they have, and they are even selling them to people with money. You should be like all the other super kool kids out there and wear one.

Oh yeah, super cool indeed. Just like me. I'd like to thank Aaron of Krudco for making me look so damn awesome and Ryan of Rochester for looking at his iPhone that night.  Click HERE to try and purchase one of these super amazing shirts!

On other notes about comics and the lack there of and regular excuses about being busy with life and things other...yes...they still imply as does my need to continue making them when there is a lack of content. But hey, you got a really cool zombie drawing and a pic of me wearing it all kissy face like. So what's the problem?

More comics about my life soon.

-Chuck Harrison

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andcognac said...

dude, i'm so happy that someone with the ability to mass produce some of your work has finally come around. you've always had the skills and talent, it's just cool that Aaron spotted it as well. Congrats, brosepgh.