Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Alex Diochon guest strip!

 This wondrous comedic beauty comes from the mind and pen of Alex Dichcon!  He's heeded my call for people to make one panal Decaf's and for that I thank him kindly.  

Another really cool thing about Alex is he's competed on Zuda four times prior to this month and has never won.  That's a Zuda record folks.  

So loyal, dear, sweet readers please extend the kindness you bestowed upon myself and NewBot last month.  Vote for Alex's comic Fulcrum, give it five stars and add it to your favorites!  

Make this the month that years of Alex's hard work have led him to.  Make this the month that Alex can finally get that DC Comics contract.  Make this the month that true talent and genius are not ignored due to a lack of promotion.  Make this February the month of Fulcrum on Zuda.

There is a facebook group HERE
And you can follow Alex on Twitter HERE


Thank you, I'll step off the soap box now.  Anyone else want to get up there? The comments section is below.


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