Tuesday, December 1, 2009

C is for cookie killer.

This comic was drawn before an actual audience of real people. If you missed it then click HERE and watch all the fun...

And this will also be my last post until next Monday. I'm going out of town to draw things at the Clever Holiday Title benefit show. Promises to be loads of fun. So, I won't be sharing my comics anywhere else but here, please feel free to share them yourselves as my wonderful wife has agreed to post for me in my absence!

Yes, she is great, she's even agreed to post my special Top 10 Web Comics that you should read list right here on Saturday! A special Saturday post for all you dear readers. Be sure to check it out and give me your two cents.

Also, any emails and comments are not only read but generally responded to! Thank you all, have a wonderful week.-chuckHarrison

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