Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing D-unit!

Hey guys just wanted to tell you a little bit about this very special comic.
It was drawn by myself and my 5yr old son Dylan. As a digital artist I work
with a mac, a wacom and a 32'' flat screen lcd that also doubles as our television set.

Dylan gets to constantly watch me draw, so much so that he usually sits behind me and drawing while I work. I finally decided that he should be a part of the fun and the above was what came out. The conversation is real, when I asked him to tell a joke he said 'I don't know' and then walked into his bedroom to get a toy. Funny right? Well, let us all welcome Dylan into the comic fold and congratulate him on his first 'published' work!

If you're interested in watching me draw too check out The Brew @9PM EST tonight!

1 comment:

TJ Lubrano said...

Woohoo Dylan! Congrats on your first work ^_^! Hahaha he just walked away! Maybe he will work on his jokes and tells you one out of the blue!