Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sorry Norman.

please click to enlarge while looking at the mans arm.

With Apologies to Mr. Rockwell. He truly is one of my all time favorite artists and one of my biggest childhood inspirations. I'm still trying to figure out where I went wrong with that one.

But hey, tonight I will draw for you live! Tonight I will draw the most amazing strip ever drawn by me in a single evening! Tonight I will draw the writings of Sai, one of the Guys. Come and watch this once in a week-time event tonight at 9PM EST on The Brew. Or go watch football, I have a feeling it's more entertaining.

Other notes of interest...
I often get alot of emails/messages in regaurds to my Facebook friends project. (If you don't know, I'm going thru and drawing all of my facebook friends from A-Z) The majority of these emails are people asking for their picture whose names start with letters I'm currently not drawing. And because I love moneys so much if you pay me $10 I will draw your picture before I'm supposed to. You can even pick out the pic that you want all inked and colored. If interested email me: I'm currently on the C's, so if your name starts with C just be patient...or pay me ten bucks and force me to work! HA!

Other than that, make sure to stop by and check out Butternut Squash as I've recently received the honor of doing a guest strip for them. I don't know when the strip will be up, but you should check out the comic anyways.

Thank you, that is all! -chuckHarrison

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Anonymous said...

OH! It says bill on his arm instead of a girls name! LMAO!!!!