Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mr. T deer

Once again we have a guest writer! This time it's the wonderful Sai Ghose from The Guys Perspective. Check his other writing out why dontcha? Sorry, too much Palin in the news lately.

If you yourself would like to guest write for decaf send me an email: chcomics@yahoo.com

But hey: some exciting my art in the world news!

NEXT WEEK: Meet me all live like and have me try to draw you as a cartoon! I will be in Lancaster PA. December 3rd (open to the public) and December 4th (invitation only) doing live art demos and 'toonifying' people. More information can be found here: Clever Holiday Title.

Should be fun, so please check it out! Or if you're interested in obtaing tickets you can simply email: tickets@cleverholidaytitle.com It all goes for a great cause, "feet on the streets" an organization in Reading, PA. that provides for hundreds of disadvantaged, inner-city children.

AND A WEEK FROM TODAY: My spidey comic will be side by side in an interview with the man himself Stan Lee! An exclusive with Imagine magazine! Be sure to check out the site and look for my comic next to the things that Stan Lee is talking about!

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Anonymous said...

getting better every comic! keep up the good work, man. love the detail out of the window especially, oh - and the look on the buck's face. haha