Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whale of a tale...eagh...

When I was but a wee tot I went whale watching. Unlike most of you who've done it I actually got to see a real life whale. Like most of you who've done it I actually got to be sea sick. When I was but a wee tot one of the films that captivated me the most was Disney's Pinocchio. While thinking of seeing a real whale in the 'wild' as a child and about how that little wooden boy saw one too this comic swam into my mind.

There, that ends the Daily Comic Retrospective. This has been fun, but tomorrow we get back to Decaffeinated Coffee. Big plans for the future of this strip include (but are not limited to) a store where you can buy things, a tip jar for you to put moneys in, a book of collected strips for you to purchase and most likely fiddle heads seared in olive oil and seasoned with fresh garlic and cracked black pepper and sea salt. We must never forget dear readers, the sea salt. Thank you for bearing with me for the retrospective and enjoying the comics.-chuckHarrison

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Bring Back Pluto said...

My son and I both love this!