Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pac Man out of work

During the month of May I had to take a trip to Vermont for a dear friend's father's funeral. Although the reason for my visit was less than joyous I was still able to visit my old stomping grounds, that being Church St. in Burlington. On Church there is a small coffee house called Speeder and Earl's. They have the best coffee in Burlington Vermont. They also have patio chairs that are set out when the weather is more pleasant.

It was in front of that little coffee shop on one of those chairs that I got the idea for this comic. Nothing really happened, maybe someone was talking about Ghost busters or Pac Man. I don't remember. I just remember being in a place that I love when the idea hit.-chuckHarrison


mwaybob said...

I do enjoy the man of pac ever so much, I miss his cheery smile

Miah said...

I missed this one until now and it is absolutely splendiferous.