Friday, June 19, 2009

UNPlugged's 10 year anniversary!

That's right, ten long long years ago John Denman and Chuck Harrison met in a class room and decided that it would be a quite good adventure to form a rock and roll band. They did and the below links are the result.
Ten years of obscure, geeky, indy rock! Whew! It's been fun!
Now, we are giving away all ten UNPlugged albums and all three EP's FOR FREE! Download them and show whichever songs you enjoy to your friends and family! N don't forget to stop by UNPlugged's myspace page to say either 'Thanks!' or 'Why would you do that to me?!'

UNPlugged Complete Discography:

Part one: 1999-2004 175033 KB

Part two: 2005-2009
161169 KB

Part three: 2009 plus 2008's EP's 110203 KB

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