Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dr. kevorkian's light bulb!

Well folks, this is it, the last of the black and white comics. Eight in all. So, I guess some thoughts should flow out here in regaurds to how I liked or disliked the entire BnW process.
Okay...the velvet underground is shifting itself through my ear drums and into my head, so I will try to be both brief and as coherent as possible.
First off, I found myself missing the act of coloring. I like to color, I like to think of what color something is or will be. I really enjoy the process. When you take it away something is lost that I cannot quite put my can cut finger on (spaghetti O's fer the rug rats). It could be that I don't like looking at all that empty white space with thoughts of gray scales running through my mind, or maybe I'm just too stuck in my ways. I will say that it was fun, and I liked that you could do things a little darker with the black and white as opposed to the color...and darker is sometimes better when it comes to humor. Sad but true. I think I've rambled enough. It your turn, what did you think about the Daily Comic's Black and White Week?-chuckHarrison

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Anonymous said...

i'm going to have to say i agree with your colored comics.