Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sketch Page.

Good day dear readers! Things are pretty hectic in the world of Chuck Harrison right now (what with finishing up some comic projects and starting a new job) so I thought that instead of nothing here I'd give you a look inside my head. 
The above is a sketch page.  It is scary. You may or may not like it, I doubt you'll understand it, but there it is. For better or worse. Enjoy your day!



Andrew said...

That's awesome chuck, I love seeing other artists sketches! That's all done by wacom tablet right? I forget what program do you use for your work?

P.S. I SQUEE!'d a little bit inside when I saw you have a reddit link on your site

Chuck Harrison said...

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for the kind words! Yes I use a wacom with corel painterX. It's my favorite because of that natural feel. Yay reddit! I'm often treated rather harsh over there but I love the site and the people who make it interesting. Thanks for reading sir, if you've got any comics you'd like to see here send em my way and I'll see what I can do!