Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Special: Lightining Man?!

Welcome dear friends and readers to this special saturday edition of Decaffeinated Coffee.  While doodling on my Wacom the above happened.  I really don't know how it occurred as at the time I was working on things for Color Ink Book.  But there you have it, the first Lightning Man comic I've made in three years.  It's a doodle really...a sketch but it's something.

For those of you who don't know, Lightning Man gave me my first taste of fame (finding out that other people out there think you're talanted/funny).  It sold in comic book stores in Florida, Boston & Vermont.  I also sold it out of my messanger bag while still in high school & all Robert Crumb like on the streets!  For some reason people really liked it and I even had a teenage girl go all gushy on me in public.  Really, I did, she had her hands on her cheeks and she was screaming and everything.  You can ask my brother and Bacon who were both there to whitness the whole scary ordeal.

But now Lighting Man is kind of gone from my daily drawing life but never forgotten.  And to prove this I am offering you all (out there in the inter-webs) a chance to meet and greet my own personal little cult comic hereo!  Here, take a look...

That's right folks, the above image dipicts the Lightning Man Trade Paper Back I (collecting issues 1-10.5)!  It contains some nifty guest doodles from artists like Greg Giordano (Flame Ape) and an Introduction by Jarret Kilinski and a Forward by Stephen Bacon! 

All indy like with it's spiril print format and black and white interiors.  Yes, I know you want this mega opus of my teenage rants!  And you can OWN it! Yes YOU! 

There are an extreamly limited number of copies left of this thing so if you want one email me: and I will tell you how to give me $25USD in order to get your own signed copy of the Lightning Man TPB I!  Each copy comes with a free pen sketch and a Lightning Man Fan Club button template!  NIFTY for under fifty baby.

Get one and good day sir! (And ma'm)



Pile Girl said...

How wonderful to see your early work! Please forgive my ignorance, but I just don't "get" this cartoon. I must be pretty pathetic to need to have comics explained to me.

Chuck Harrison said...

Hey Carolyn!
No need to apolgise I really don't 'get' it either and I'm the one who made the damn thing!But really, it's Lightning Man and his bad guy the Burner goin' at it and then something strange happens. I was in a kind of drawing trance.

ArrickA. said...

i've always loved lightning man!