Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New in your future!

Hello you beautiful people, I am chuckHarrison and below are new projects some of which are in full swing and some of which are in planning and some of which are there because for whatever reason I really like to type some of which. Let's take a look, shall we?
Okay, first up is a proposed webcomic-series called The Adventures of Cupcake and Kisses.  If you like the doodle above and would like to see more of these two than please tell me.  It's like a testing the waters sort o thing.

Next up. My good friend Ken Stitsion is the voice of the Pre Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic Show (see tab in the awesome people section) and he asked me to provide some visual aides for his mega opus, 'Ken Stitsion's Post Apocalyptic Field guide, a Cure For Death.' (working title).  Above is just a taste of the awesome that will be found within.  Yeah, bet your pallet is moist and ready for more and Ken & I promise not to disappoint!

This is is a lot of fun.  There will be a whole facebook page as well as other online media thingys soon.

Good day and night unto you all,


Asian Darklord said...

heyyyy, i think you've picked a fine lady to base your characters off of. I would love to see more of all three so be sure to make them awesome! I <3 your designs. You are amazing Chuck Harrison.

FloWere29 said...

Whats with the asian overload Chuck? Anime sucks!!! Its become very feminin lately. Just giving you constructive critisism, I am not a fan of the cutesy cupcakes kisses and rainbows kinda comics. Superheroes are way cooler!!!!

comiccede said...

not sure if you remember me, my name's Mike, we met in San Diego. don't take this too harshly man, but you should go back to your old comic platform. i'm going to have to agree with the previous post. this story style is unseemly and too feminine. based on what you have written here, it seems this is all based on a girl you know... i'd have to suggest sticking with your routine, you had something good going... it's changed for the worst. good luck to you and all your future endevours.

Eli Royce said...

Just because there's an Asian character does not
mean it's anime. Nor does cuteness and feminity qualify it as anime, look at Akira for a well known and not hello kitty type anime. Super heroes shouldn't be the only characters controlled by comic books, it's a wide medium for all types of characters and plots, not just to be confined by the typical type of comic. In his characters he's created it allows a broader audience than just the diehard traditional reader.

comiccede said...

i was merely stating my opinion. every popular artist holds some sort of consistancy which trademarks their particular style of creation. although a broad audience might allow for variances in style, it constricts the artist into generalization and minimizes the potential to achieve a particular and unique goal. when artists usually do this they become commercialized and indulge in their passion with the thick blindfold of monetary gain. Chuck used to have a consistant theme to his humor and art and lately ive noticed in the last few months a heavy change in material in which displays to me that he is not what i originally took him to be. i didnt want to see a great artist start to tread in the waters of failure so quickly, therefore i felt the need to state my opinion.

kathee22 said...

I think everyone needs to remember Chuck is a very talented artist. Although I do agree with the above opinions, keep in mind we have a budding star that at some points will venture into new territory; whether he succeeds or fails will reveal itself with time.

Chuck Harrison said...

Wow, lots of comments today. Sweet! Well, let me reply.
@Asian: Thanks!

@Flo: Actually, Anime has been one of my biggest influences. I'm a huge fan of Ranma 1/2 which I guess fits into the girly category. lol but anyways, thanks for the comment!

@Comic: Hi Mike! I think we stayed in the hostel together? Thanks for your opinions and support of the Decaf! It's really great! But in my defense,the regular Decaf strips/format have/has gone no-where. I've only been doing some different things like the reader written Fairy Foo comics and putting up guest strips as well as sharing other comic/art projects that I'm working on.

I've also found myself in a much better spot in life with a much better partner and as such my art (no longer constricted by personal issues) has found a chance to grow.

If you check out tomorrow's strip I'm sure you'll be happy, for it's in the normal format.

I'm happy that you've shared your dislike for the Cupcake and Kisses comic! But the other two are actually gonna happen and I'm excited about both of em! If you're an artist email me ( ) and send me a guest strip of some sort.

@Eli: Thanks for trying to defend me, it means alot! lol no, Mike and his friend have valid points!

@Kathee: HAHA! I'm a budding star who may or may not fail! I love it! Thanks Kathee! You're the best as always!

Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and concerns! There will be more 'normal' Decaf's, I guarantee it!