Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fairy Foo & my son Elijah Harrison too!

WOW abounds!  Wow abounds? Anyway, this comic was written (more dicatated) by my three year old son Elijah (or Puffin, whichever you prefer)!

I laughed as he told me the story and really enjoyed drawing Scary Guy W/ A Big Head.  For you see dear readers the little Puff would not let me put down my pen until I had him just right. 

This comic is also Proof positive to me that insanity is genetic as I did not help him idea-wise in any way, shape or form.  Yes, there's a little me running around and right now he's addicted to Spongebob.  At least I had Ninja Turtles. It's going to be strange in the future when they're running things. Thanks Spongebob, thanks.

Okay, I'll stop now.  And with that stopping you should be starting to WRITE! YES! Write for me the next Fairy Foo comic and see it HERE!



comiccede said...

great man! he's very imaginative. your other son doing the next installment? you should have them write one together.

Eli Royce said...

Father and son cartoons. Ohh how I love them!