Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'd be happy.

This one is from one of my childhood influences, the man behind Too Much Coffee Man Shannon Wheeler!  Thanks Shannon, getting to talk to someone (even if it's online) who was such a huge part of my love for comics is amazing, getting them to lend me their strips leaves me speechless.

On another note though, I apologize to everyone especially Brad for the late post yesterday.  I told the computer 9:30 but failed to make it in the AM.  This will not happen again the appropriate parties have been punished. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

wow! i remember you having comics laying around the house and when i'd sneak in your bedroom snooping for stuff as a little brother. and i especially remember reading too much coffee man! this is awesome! and to Shannon - awesome work.

The Guy's Perspective said...

That's perfect! So true!