Friday, February 12, 2010


A fond hello goes out to everyone.

Some of you may have noticed a slight absence of comics here.  I've no way to know, guess or assume your observational power but I am able to offer an explanation for the
obvious lack of content.

Recently there has been an upheaval in my family life which has caused great pain and destruction the likes of which I've never had to experience.  The whole ordeal has been rather difficult and debilitating to the point that for a short time I can not create or contribute to the art form that I love so very much.

Because of this I've sent out a call to everyone I know in the comics and art world for help.  And much to my delight and deep gratitude they've heeded.  So starting Monday Decaffeinated Coffee will return with a new look and a seemingly endless run of guest strips from the likes of Shannon Wheeler, Mike Dubisch and Brad Diller just to name a few.

The guest strips will contiune to run until I can make a full recovery and a triumphet return.  I guess we can think of this as a way to find out about a whole slew of talanted artists and writers that we would have otherwise never discovered. 

Finally, if you are reading this as a fellow cartoonist or artist please concider helping out a fallen comrade with a guest strip of your own.  It would be amazing.  Any strips you would like to see on the site can be sent to

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to everyone you will see in these upcoming weeks. 

Comic creaters unite!

Much love and tremendous appreciation to all of my contemporary's and fans,

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Kathy Pearlman said...

Hope all is well with you aggain soo. No cartoons though. Best wishes and good thoughts for you.<3