Monday, December 21, 2009

The Eggs Have Eyes...

There you are folks, normal one panal insano comics again.
For some reason I can't stop giggling like a school girl when I
gaze upon that poor plate.  Ah.

Anyway some things to know...

Big news, some of you may remember a little robot who invaded Decaf
a few months ago.  Well, he is NewBot and he now has his own little blog and
facebook fan page!  I implore all of you to click both of the links and fan/follow him for
he has big plans in his future...

And also for those of you interested in just how the heck I draw this thing
I will be doing it live tonight on The Brew while answering any and all questions.
The place: The Brew
The time: 9PM EST
The day: Today.

Thank you, that is all.  Enjoy the comic and enjoy your Holiday!

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ONE of THE GUYS said...


Hope you've been well. Happy Holidays.