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Decaffeinated Coffee's 1st annual top 10 web-comics you should read list 2009 edition.

That's right folks, this is Decaffeinated Coffee's 1st Annual Top 10 Web-Comics You Should Read List 2009 Edition. Or D.C.A.T.T.W.C.Y.S.R.L-09E for short.

An entire list complete with handy links, pictures, why I like it's and movie like age ratings.
Containing the ten comics I most enjoyed in 2009.
Some of you may agree with my choices, some of you may not.
Let the rant begin.

Not Included by Tyrus Peace.

Movie like age rating: PG

Why I like it:
The art is what grabbed me at first. Then the story. Like most web-comics that I enjoy the story is hard to explain. As a matter of fact, I don't think I will explain it. You should read it and then try to explain it to me.

The thing that I found really great about this one was that when you go back to the start of the whole shebang and keep clicking ever onward you can literally watch the art grow and grow from one comic to the next. Kind of like one of those trees taking over buildings scenes from Life After People.

SMBH A* by Ben Chamberlain
Movie like age rating: PG-13

Why I like it:
SMBH stands for Super Massive Black Hole. The A* is the scientific symbol for the title, hence the confusing but wonderfully fun way it looks. I found this comic because it advertised right here at the bottom of the page (*As this is now published, the ad no longer appears, instead please check out the link under the friends coffee cup to your left). I clicked and instantly fell in love with the Frank Miller Sin City style artwork. I was also impressed that this thing is daily. One insane space adventure, broken up into episodes (currently 6) and updated each and every single day. Dear God! And not only does Ben do a panal a day of his wonderful art work, once the episode is finished he gets some friends together to make a motion comic complete with voice overs, sound effects and really good Holly Wood style music. DAMN!


Cyanideand Happiness by Matt, Rob, Dave & Chase

Movie like age rating: PG-13

Why I like it:

This comic does three things to me. 1 it makes me laugh, 2 it makes me wish I had thought of that first and 3 it makes me laugh while saying wtf. I mean, just look at the picture next to these words. I dream of being able to come up with deaf schizos and there you have it, comic gold. The art works perfectly for the strip, being as strange as it is beautiful in it's simplicity. If you're after something that will give you a no hassle laugh I highly suggest clicking here.


Azure by Daniel Govar

Movie like age rating: PG-13

Why I like it:

This guy can draw. You can watch him draw on livestream while he yells at his pup Sandor. It's funny. But enough about that, the reason why I like Azure is because not only is the art breathtaking, but the story is as epic as anything found in Middle Earth. Although, it's not about short people with hairy feet or waring wizards. Azure is about water and a world engulfed in it. I guess you can say it's what Water World should have been, but when that movie was being made I don't think Dan was old enough to contribute. They should do a re-make with him at the helm tho. That would be good, but not as good as this ongoing Zuda title is.

Captain Excelsior by Zack Weiner & Chris Jones

Movie like age rating: R

Why I like it:

This comic is super hero parody how it should be. Raw, raunchy, and as funny as something that comes out the back end. It also has everything a superhero parody needs, washed up has beens, gay side kicks, sexaholic super villains. The list can and should go on and on. The art and writing are both top notch. The only thing that makes me sad is that it's no longer being made. It's over, but you can read all of it, for free, just by clicking the link. And I'm telling you now, you will not be sorry that you did.


The Frightful Fetus by Stephen Lindsay & Jim McMunn

Movie like age rating: R

Why I like it:

For me this is all about concept and character design. Once you say that the leader of a gang is a vengeful fetus on top of a kick ass 50's style robot body I'm yours. From that point on you can do whatever you want, have him say/do whatever you want and I won't care. Stephen and Jim deliver loads of great writing and art with this title, really, I have to say that it's been one of the best comics I've read in 2009 and that includes anything from the big three.


Lily of the Valley by Adam Atherton

Movie like age rating: R

Why I like it:

The main character is what will plague western civilization in 20 years. An over-medicated/under-medicated misunderstood teenager who kills people with pink lawn flamingos. I ask you, what's not to love about that? The whole thing started as 8 thrilling, exceedingly well drawn pages in a Zuda comp. It won and now a slow but steady trickle of beautiful story and art is surly going to make Lily and her creator Adam future rock stars of the Comic industry. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself and find out.


Oglaf by No one seems to know.

Movie like age rating: NC-17

Why I like it:

This comic crosses endless boundaries of decency to bring you a series of sex comedies in a fantasy setting. If you have small children or a normal work environment, wait till you get home and the little ones are asleep to click the link. I mean, really, wait. There will be boobs and penis. Don't click it. You will however laugh till you cry but, you may lose your job and permanently scar your kids. I guess it all depends on how much getting a laugh really means to you. The art and story flow so nicely together that after awhile you get over the 'Oh my, this is a sex comic!' shock and begin to see just how clever and genius the creator(s) truly are. I highly recommend reading this comic, that is if you're open minded enough to enjoy that type of thing without feeling all dirty afterward.

And now, our # 2 web-comic that you should read:

Butternut Squash
Ramon Perez & Rob Coughler

Movie like age rating: R

Why I like it:
I've been reading BNS since 2004 after a friend emailed me the above comic. Reason for the email was that this happened to us only weeks before. He found the comic and we both laughed till tears came out of our sockets.
But hey, that's what makes this comic great. From the endless pursuit of the opposite sex to the love of a dog, to just being around your strange friends, Butternut Squash delivers. This comic is able to capture just what it is to be a young man in western culture in today's society. It does so with superb writing and simply amazing cartooning. Never before have I seen such simple line work convey so much. If you're a guy in his 20's to 30's give this comic a read. If your a girl, stay away, I don't want you to know all of our secrets.

The #1 web-comic that you should read in 2009!

I Rule the Night
Kevin Colden

Movie like age rating: R

Why I like it:
For me, it does not get any better than this. Kevin is able to suck you into his demented world and keep you hostage while showing you the things your mother warned you about. His art and writing are on par with any of the greats. That's all I can really say. I'd rather you just read it.

And there you go wonderful readers, the list is complete. I hope that you enjoyed the rants and will eventually go on to become fans of some of these comics.
But you don't have to take my word for it!
Brockport, NY.
December 2009.
(Just seems more
official when you
write that huh?)

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