Friday, November 6, 2009

What time is it?

A brief note on this one, Daniel's original concept/script for this one was a little different. Due to the format of the strip I had to change it. So to be fair and at the same time give you a look into a creative team at work I will now show you Daniel Pevar's original script. Have a nice day.-chuckHarrison

We see a man in the middle of the road and he's looking at his watch. A car narrowly avoids hitting the man with the watch. The driver in the car is yelling out the window, "Watch out, man!" And, the man with the watch replies, "It's out already!" -Daniel Pevar

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Anonymous said...

this comic was slightly confusing, i thought the guy on the left with the watch was saying "it's out already!" and he was refering to the piano. it was only until i read the description of the origional comic when i caught the joke.