Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I entered the Stan Lee Time Jumper contest!

Hey folks, the above drawing is my entry for the Take180.com's Stan Lee Time Jumper contest!
If you're already a member of this fine site please do me the favor of clicking on the link and giving my entry a fav and a like. There's only two days left for submissions and after that the voting begins! When that happens I want you to vote, vote, vote for my submission!

As an incentive anyone who signs up for the site and does the things listed above will (once they email me with a link to their Take180 profile) receive an original digital drawing from me, chuckHarrison! Please help me out with this one guys, it only takes two minutes to sign up for the site and even less than that to fav and like my submission!

Oh, my email is chcomics@yahoo.com I'll be coming at you tomorrow with more Decaf's written by Daniel Pevar and drawn by insomniac caffeine junkies.-chuckHarrison

1 comment:

Michael Mayne said...

I found your blog through your submission on Take180! Really cool style, so I scooted on over here to catch more of your work!!