Saturday, October 10, 2009

Steve Steiner gave me stuff!

Steve Steiner, Zuda vet and colorist for Zuda's The Hammer sent me the above wonders today. Thought I'd share it with you as I am very impressed with all of it! I gots me some stickers and a fine, fine book on how to not become a successful one panal cartoonist. (Thanks Steve...I really like the list of people who've rejected him. It going to come in handy.)

But the best thing I got had to be the complete Middle Aged Monster trading card set! Seven cards of pure awesomeness. A wonderfully draw picture adorns the front of every card and is accompanied by great (and humorous) stats on the back. This was such a great Saturday present.

Yes people, check out Steve's art work and comics. Check him out using the link on the left there or by clicking one of the links I've hidden within this post. That's all for now, Adios!-chuckHarrison

Oh, Steve, I stuffed the envelope you mailed me with some secret surprises for you and will be mailing it out on Monday!

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