Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Lazy Cartoonist

This is actually in real life one of my favorite Daily Comics. I got the idea from a childhood memory of my brother being fascinated by a Calvin and Hobbes strip in which Calvin asks to borrow a black crayon because he wants to draw black bears in the black forest at midnight or something like that. Yes, I remember him laughing very hard at that one and showing me while we were camping with my father. I don't know why this is one of my childhood memories, but one day when running low on strip ideas it floated into my head and after switching the colors the above is what you get.

I also enjoy this because it's a kind of nod to all of my friends who tirelessly slave away at something creative/artistic when most of them wish they could just do something like this all the time...or at least some of the time. Am I right here fellas? Come on! Help me out!

...okay. Maybe it's just me.-chuckHarrison

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