Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good bye Aqua Man.

I remember that this was supposed to be what I call a 'Throw away idea.' One of those that at the time is not the funniest comic I'm currently working on, but it's not so bad that I don't draw it.

The process starts in my sketch book where an idea will float into my head and I'll throw it down all quick like. I then take a look at all the little scribbles and decide which ones to sketch out. After that I take a look at all the sketches and turn the best ones into full fledged comics. The sketch for this little purdy funny picture sat in the 'Daily Sketch' folder on my desktop for almost a month before I got desperate enough to turn it into a comic. Yeah, that happens to.

However, this one turned out to be not only one of the most popular of the Daily's it's also become one of my personal favorites.-chuckHarrison

I gots me my new Wacom last night! YEEEEE-HAAAWWWWW!
This means that come next Monday the retrospective will be over and the Decaffeinated Coffee's will resume normal posting. This also means that you can tune in tonight to watch me draw LIVE like on The Brew. I've got a sketch book filled with ideas and I will be doing a new Decaf from start to finish for your viewing enjoyment as I answer all of your 9PM EST. yay? Thanks to everyone who has waited so long and an insanely huge thanks to the special someones who donated their hard earned cash to get me the new tablet!