Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Daily Comic Retrospective. #1

As you all could/can tell from the banner above I've changed the format of the site for the time being. Why? Well simple, without my trusty pen tablet or the use of a scanner I'm without a way to bring any of you the comics I so love to make. It's a sad, sad thing, yes it is. So, for the next month or so (however long it takes to get the wacom fixed) I will be sharing with you some of the more popular Daily Comic strips. And just to add at least something new, I will make some comments/air my opinions about each and everyone of them, Starting with the above.

The idea came to me once while staring at the pre-made sushi at my local grocery store. I think it was trout or salmon but to me it looked like raw chicken glistening under that molded plastic top. The gears in my head started to spin and this comic was the result. See, it pays to go to the grocery store at 3AM on little to no sleep in search of baby formula.

There, it's going to be like that for awhile. I do so hope you enjoy it enough to stick around. I really do. And hey, if there's a strip that you absolutely love and you'd like to see it 're-printed'/explained than simply email me with the title (or what you think is the title) and I will most likely throw it on up! -chuckHarrison whose email is

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THE GUYS said...

We gave you some props today on our site w/link! Along with some of our other blogger friends.