Monday, August 10, 2009

Hand made funnies! #1?

Hey gang, trying something a little different here at ol In our increasing technological age many of us toonists have switched to making comics with ah pen tablet and ah flat screen. I myself am included in this.
Well, every comic I draw starts in my sketch book as a doodle or a hastily drawn sketch. It then goes into Corel Painter X where I re sketch the doodle and then use the pencils to tweak it and make it purdy like. I then ink and color and throw the whole thing into a wonderful mac program called Comic Life where I add the border and text. And while the ability to have this technology has its upsides I.E. my work looks a ton better, and I can actually get 7 comics out in a week, I do think its sucked some of the soul outta my craft.
SO, for the sake of awesome good ol hand drawn rants I've drawn a little comic in my sketch book about drawing on a computer. Ironic huh? If this one goes over great, there will be more to come...or maybe I'll just start posting more to come anyway...I'm kinda funny like that no? Enjoy!-chuckHarrison
(If you actually read this you get bonus points:D)


Anonymous said...

maybe one of these a week? or one ever 2 weeks? either way, it's always cool to see something out of your sketch book!

THE GUYS said...

We really like the look!

Hey, we just posted our first comic.

Nice quite as nice and purdy as you describe, since it was done the old fashioned way, but we did our best.

Thanks for your help.

Hope you'll visit. The strip is entitled, "The Malaprops"