Monday, August 3, 2009

Can't go to a raid wearing that!

Well everybody, after three short weeks Its good to be back! And not only am I back, but I've improved the overall site and even changed the name of the entire comic! I've talked with many people and for whatever reasons, the new title is the one they like most. So yes, from this date on The Daily Comic will be called Decaffeinated Coffee!
But for those of you who really liked the old name don't worry, I'm still going to have all of the comics over there to your right in the 'comic archive' section. And also, theres alot more in store for Decaf Coffee like a place to buy some high quality shirts and art prints not to mention that in the near future you and your friends will be able to purchase your very own Daily Comic books!
More on all of this in future posts! And until next time, thanks for reading, laughing and telling your friends!-chuckHarrison

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Anonymous said...

yeah! you're finally back! i was going crazy w/o your comics in the morning, man!