Sunday, May 3, 2009

Redrawn comics of frolics past for submission consideration 2/7

In case you can't tell the one to the left is the re draw...well its more like a partial redraw than a total one. You see, I really loved the crayon rendition of ol Mona there but I always hated the way I drew the kid. Epically after the realization that I had made him right handed. "Damn," I thought to myself, "Leo was a lefty just like me...and even though I'll never be as good as he was I do think he'd appreciate it if that little brat was a lefty, I do I do!" Aside from that the inspiration for this little comic came from my two year old Elijah whose fondness for crayon graffiti art rivals that of any other kid I've ever known. -chuckHarrison

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