Saturday, January 31, 2009

Contest, contest, splendid, splendid contest!

The Creative process (as pictured in its various forms above) is as elusive to describe as why a whale chooses to beach its self from time to time. So, being the kind and gentle wrecking ball that I am I will chose to merely illustrate it with pictures. Yet, being a fan of this I thought to myself that it would be spectacular to let all of you, my dear readers, in on it as well. SO AGAIN, WITH OUT FURTHER INTERRUPTIONS....


Yes, for you dear patrons and readers I have devised a most usual contest for a rather unusual cartoon. If you would allow me a bit of your time and a peak at your brain I will return to you the same.

Starting tomorrow the first of February will have a contest, more importantly, a caption contest. The cartoon will be posted tomorrow for view, and will also be posted on the side bar. It is your solemn duty to not only devise something clever but to keep it under three sentences.

If you truly feel up to the task, please leave your thoughts in the comments section of the comic or email me with your suggestion.

On the 14th of February I will show my love to the winner and post the now completed cartoon with both of our names and a list of wondrous prizes. Those being a signed print of the comic, the original black and white ink drawing of the comic and another original black and white ink drawing of your favorite thing! Or, if the winner prefer it, I would gladly pay to have the cartoon or any other Daily Comic adorned to anything from a t-shirt to a coffee mug!
Now, you, each and every one of you, or possibly twenty, have an opportunity to be a part of the Daily Comic world like nothing before!

Pesky rules:
1.Enter as many times as you'd like
2. when sending an email or leaving a comment please include the following:
a. your email or contact information
b. your caption or idea of a caption
c. weather you'd like to have it on a t-shirt or have the art
d. what your favorite thing is that you'd wish me to draw for you.

Good luck and happy thinking!

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